Private Money Lenders – Fresno, Ca
Fresno Is The Latest City To Yield The Advantages Generated By A Private Money Lender For It’s Residents In Residential, Commercial, Industrial And Mixed-Used Properties

San Joaquin Valley is home to Fresno, the foundation of the world famous Yosemite National Park with its stunning natural beauty. But waterfalls and giant rock formations are only part of the Fresno story: the city is at the center of a thriving real estate market. Private Money Lenders Inc. – as a private money lender of repute – endeavors always to remain at the cutting edge of this growth phenomenon.

Fresno clients are known to be discerning and very astute. It’s therefore little wonder the team at PML have been so warmly received. Until we arrived on the scene, all kinds of obstructions were driving wedges between buyers and sellers in this California hub – mostly related to first and second lien funding.

Fresno is certainly not free of the maladies that haunt the nation: even slightly suspect credit track records can scupper a deal. This can encompass literally anything under the sun, mostly arising from FICO or past loan delinquencies. We can help you to navigate your way out of a being earmarked by what’s often an unforgiving checkered history.

To make this comprehensible to even the lay real estate investor, professional hard money lending functions best in the industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential loan markets. Our approach to lending makes ultimate sense to almost anyone, but more specifically individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals. We have tools and methods that avert and leapfrog over past infractions in every loan category, including private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing or investor loans. And we do this in our stride, taking stress off our clients at every turn.

The underlying strength of our activities arises from a cohesive team effort. All our skilled professionals are tuned into the goal of finding equity in every deal. Even if this is found to be traditionally too low, we go the extra mile to cross-collateralize as a viable option.

Loan size is never an issue for our company. Clients raising $50,000 are given the same attention as those raising $2 million. We know that excellent service earns a lifetime of client loyalty, and needs change every year. Our reputation rides on ensuring that our terms and rates for like loans can’t be beaten in Fresno and that we take the angst out of waiting for authorization. Our primary client response is that we make a potentially intense experience feel like it’s a breeze. Key in all this is knowing that there are no small-print clauses to unbalance things or create after-sales shock. We are proud of our clarity throughout the lending process.

Something always worth mentioning is a vibrant area for us: refinancing combined with no limit cash outs for business purposes. In an environment of fluctuating interest rates this is an invaluable lending resource. Finally, the biggest attribute you can capitalize on is that we get things done speedily without sacrificing efficiency. This is the biggest obstacle to our competition, slowed down as they are by lesser in-house training and resources.

A growing number of Fresno residents know that their first stop is Private Money Lenders Inc for their private money lending needs, not only in Fresno real estate but anywhere in California. We offer experience, reliability and incisiveness in guiding our loyal clients through the maze that often hinders closing the deal. For more information or inquiries on receiving a hard money loan, please submit to [email protected] or call us at +1(818)266-8848.

Private Money Lenders

Private Money Lenders transactions are made possible by the special characteristics and requirements of private money lending. Our investors are protected with real estate, which is pledged as security in a trust deed and promissory note.

We are aware that brokers and related businesses may have trouble securing traditional funding options, and occasionally they may not be eligible. Private Money Lenders offers broker funding to such entities as one of the major players in the industry. It is possible to create specialized financing arrangements based on the needs of the broker requesting the financing.

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