El Monte, The End Of The Santa Fe Trail, Has Valuable Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use And Residential Real Estate That Calls For The Urgent Attention Of A Hard Money Lender To Resolve Problems Still Connected To Resident Investors Looking For Present-Day Opportunities.

El Monte literally stands for “the end of the Santa Fe Trail.” In recent years it has been the favored city for Asian community migration and it is today well known as a real estate hub containing a wide range of properties. The economic reality is that when it comes to cities like El Monte sudden price drops and spikes often play havoc with investors’ interests. Consequently, there are investors who entered the city from Los Angeles and other surrounds sometime before the 2008 recession, in the erroneous belief that the industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential sectors were going to go in only one direction – up. What a shock when years later many are seen licking their credit inflicted wounds, affected by unenviable FICO score numbers. The big problem in the revival of the city’s property arena is that these credit-hobbled people are unable to compete for lucrative new realty opportunities.

Private Money Lenders Inc. noticed that many inhabitants of El Monte could not get approval for first and second lien loans, thus cutting individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and even foreign nationals short when it came to raising finance. This didn’t last long as our trained personnel flowed all kinds of options in their direction, namely: private money loans, bridge loans, long-term private financing and investor loans. Clients looking for $50,000 simply could not get over how loans so small are placed on the same pedestal as loans of $2 million. To us, it makes little difference because the professional methods we use zone in on the property equity value – irrespective of $ size. We use this like a surgeon’s scalpel to carve out a deal that has full transparency and no small print obstruction. The process is one that yields the lowest interest rates quickly, as well as easy redemption terms to meet the needs of both the borrower and lender.

Even if the real estate in El Monte fails to reflect enough equity, we go to cross-collateralization techniques to get things concluded – like few know how to do. Our competitors trying this and the relatively new activity of refinancing business loans generally bow to our superior performance. In the latter case, we address the client’s pain in combating higher interest rates with the added benefit of no cash out limits.

When El Monte entertained the presence of a Private Money Lender in the center of its real estate action, little did it appreciate the onset of carefully structured benefits its investors would surely enjoy. The satisfaction was communicated quickly through the city’s grapevine, establishing Private Money Lenders Inc. as the leader in real estate financing – especially when it comes to residents burdened with past credit mistakes and bleeding Fico scores.

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Private Money Lenders

Private Money Lenders transactions are made possible by the special characteristics and requirements of private money lending. Our investors are protected with real estate, which is pledged as security in a trust deed and promissory note.

We are aware that brokers and related businesses may have trouble securing traditional funding options, and occasionally they may not be eligible. Private Money Lenders offers broker funding to such entities as one of the major players in the industry. It is possible to create specialized financing arrangements based on the needs of the broker requesting the financing.

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