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A Hard Money Lender Emerges As A Rainmaker In The Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial And Industrial Markets In Orange To Rescue Credit Records Of Some Residents From Past Failures.

The one city that exemplifies the huge transition from agriculture to mainstream commerce is Orange, which is located at the center of Orange County in California. Once a primary cultivator of citrus produce and known as being home to a prolific farming community, this city has unquestionably leveraged off new highway connections to stand out as a big beneficiary of property diversification. Today the city showcases vibrant industrial, commercial, mixed use and residential sectors that reflect escalating price increases since 2012. Unfortunately, many Orange residents suffered through the recession prior to this resurgence. They still carry the weight of tattered credit performance that reflects unworkable FICO scores from a real estate lender’s viewpoint.

Very often, in even the darkest moments, a shining light appears. In this case, Private Money Lenders Inc. – a specialist hard money lender – provides fresh promise to frustrated Orange residents. Their innovative loan opportunities customized to the needs of individuals, partnerships, trusts, corporations, LLCs, estates and foreign nationals are relieving pressures no matter what past records look like. We have earned our proficiency by steering the benefits of bridge loans, long-term private financing, private money loans and investor loans irrevocably towards our client needs with startling results.

It really is no surprise when one gets right down to understanding the headway we have made in Orange. In the first instance, there’s no client – big or small – that misses out on the traditional PML professional attention. We are closing deals for $50,000 with the same urgency that’s applied to $2 million arrangements. In the second instance, deals progress with lightning speed while consolidating the lowest possible interest rates and easy loan redemption terms. This is a compelling proposition earned via our patented methodology that places transparency high on the list of priorities – thus erasing the small print in the contract from the ambit of client-anxiety.

The fact is we laser our attention on finding equity value in the property as the way to clearing all past-ills. Even if this is somewhat thin, PML trained loan-agents are well versed in cross-collateralization options – a viable way to give even the most hard-pressed investors a big boost. Also notable are our recent inroads into the business community where refinancing of real estate loans has become a priority. We maneuver through a range of options to refinance with no cash out limits – quickly relieving clients from inflationary pressures and fast-rising interest rates.

Orange is a city that is fast-moving and has scant time for slow or inefficient services. Conversely, Private Money Lenders Inc., California’s leading private money lender, has provided astute advice to help its troubled residents re-enter the property investment arena seamlessly and profitably. This has made a favorable impression on the opinion leaders in this growing city. As a result, new clients continuously fill the seats in our conveniently located Orange city office, while the competition falls away quickly and surely.

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Private Money Lenders

Private Money Lenders transactions are made possible by the special characteristics and requirements of private money lending. Our investors are protected with real estate, which is pledged as security in a trust deed and promissory note.

We are aware that brokers and related businesses may have trouble securing traditional funding options, and occasionally they may not be eligible. Private Money Lenders offers broker funding to such entities as one of the major players in the industry. It is possible to create specialized financing arrangements based on the needs of the broker requesting the financing.

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