Private Money Lenders – Daly City, Ca
A Private Money Lender Connects With Daly City Credit-Strapped Residents To Usher Them Back Into The City’s Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use, And Residential Property Markets.

The average home in Daly City is valued at just below $1 million, which just goes to show how fast this part of California has outpaced the rest of the country in wealth accumulation and general prosperity. With a population of just above 100,000, this metropolitan hub has been in the San Francisco slipstream for a long time – way before the last recession. Thus, it has traveled a roller coaster through many ups and downs before 2012 and since. As things stand the city’s real estate represents the best of what there is in all sectors of the state. Putting things into perspective, the strong economic picture presented today in this tight urban area has still not shaken off the shackles of tougher times. There remain many Daly City residents unable to raise first and second lien loans with traditional mortgage companies. Put another way, credit scores under water as evidenced by tarnished FICO scores are a not a negotiable item for residents with marginalized profiles.

Private Money Lenders Inc. is a premier private money lending company with a presence in big Californian cities including San Francisco. This means that Daly City is just a hop, step and jump away for them. Its residents with loan issues have embraced our services and found a way to get back into the city’s industrial, commercial, mixed-use and residential markets. Without much ado, our professional agents connected them to private money, bridge loans, long-term private financing, and pure investor loans. In many cases, the investors were comfortable signing up for the funding as individuals or even foreign nationals, but partnerships, trusts and corporations, LLCs, and estate structures are also made to work if required.

The difference between PML and the competition is that we work fluently and with professional ease once there’s enough equity in the loan. We know how to find it and how to transcend all the small type to arrange the lowest interest rates and transparent terms. Detail management like this makes loan redemption acceptable to the lender and also satisfies the borrower. Another compelling attribute about our operation is that it is a firm PML policy to make no distinction between a small lender ($50,000) and applicants up to twenty times higher ($2 million). All are treated with reliable and timely services geared to get deals closed in an uncomplicated manner.

When properties are very thin on equity we revert to cross-collateralization methods to squeeze real estate deals through but still on good contractual terms. The same applies for business clients intent on renegotiating interest rates as inflation pushes lending fees up. The compelling thing is this: we are able to provide these services with no cash out limits – another hard pill for the competition to swallow.

Daly City, so close to San Francisco, has also formed a partnership with Private Money Lenders Inc., a private money lender, thus bringing its marginalized credit residents back into the real estate investment arena. Our credentials are laid out for all to see, namely: integrity, reliability, professionalism and simply getting the deals closed with no fuss and bother.

For more information or inquiries about receiving a private money loan, please email us at [email protected] or call us at +1(818)266-8848.

Private Money Lenders

Private Money Lenders transactions are made possible by the special characteristics and requirements of private money lending. Our investors are protected with real estate, which is pledged as security in a trust deed and promissory note.

We are aware that brokers and related businesses may have trouble securing traditional funding options, and occasionally they may not be eligible. Private Money Lenders offers broker funding to such entities as one of the major players in the industry. It is possible to create specialized financing arrangements based on the needs of the broker requesting the financing.

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