California’s #1 Private Money Lenders INC.

Since 2008, PRIVATE MONEY LENDERS INC has provided investors with over $500 million dollars of trust deed investments on California real estate. Based on our track record and low default rate our investors have trusted us year after year.

PRIVATE MONEY LENDERS INC funds 1st, 2nd, and on occasion 3rd deeds of trust on California real estate with loan amounts from $50,000 to $20,000,000. If you purchase trust deeds, we can also provide the loan servicing through Del Toro Loan Servicing for a small fee of $20.00 per month plus .25% yield spread. While any investment has risks, investors have typically been rewarded when investing in trust deeds with secure, high-return yields on quality investments based on our conservative underwriting.

Our Commitment To Investors

What to expect with
trust deed investments.

Improve your investment portfolio’s yield with 1-5 year term, high-yield notes secured by trust deeds.

Trust deed investing is an extremely valuable addition to any portfolio, with numerous benefits and an acceptable risk amount. Since all investments are secured with California real-estate, there will always by collateral in place to protect against loan defaults. Loan amounts are only given up to 70% LTV as further protection against potential market fluctuation of real-estate property values.


High-Yield Trust Deeds have extremely flexible investment terms that can be beneficial to investors of almost any kind. Generally investments have shorter terms, and consistent cash flow generating income.



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