California’s #1 Private Money Lenders INC.

PRIVATE MONEY LENDERS INC has a total of over 30 years of experience bringing private money loans to borrowers, without any lengthy turnaround times like traditional lending.

PRIVATE MONEY LENDERS INC specializes in funding loans that other lenders will not do

Loan Programs

Residential Loans

If your property is Occupied or not, CPLenders can assist you in finding the loan or hard money that fits your needs. Contact Us to start a loan application. 

Commercial Loans

CPLenders will make sure that we find the best commercial or bridge loan to ensure you get the best loan terms and get enough capital to fulfill your business goals.   Contact Us to start a loan application. 

Rehab Loans

CPLenders has over 30 years plus of experience to make sure that you get a swiftly response and get approved for your rehab or bridge loan.  Contact Us to start a loan application. 

Investment Property Loans

CPLenders wants you to feel comfortable and at ease when trying to secure an investment loan. Whether you are planning to rent,sell, or any other plans.  Contact Us to start a loan application. 

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